Whether you are a designer, or someone in need of creativity, a trendsetter or simply a curious soul, we love hearing from you. Don't be shy and drop us a line in whatever language you prefer. We promise we will do our best to understand you.


c/ Plátano 14
28029 Madrid Spain
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Avenue des Acacias 7
1006 Lausanne Switzerland
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Flat 269 ice Wharf
17 New Wharf Rd. N1 9RF London , UK


Are you a creative mind searching for challenges in an international and multidisciplinary context? Are you open-minded and a tireless innovator? Do people think that you are bananas? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then Studio Banana might be what you are looking for. We are always interested in meeting creative professionals. Just fill in the form below to contact us.

New business

Our highest honor is to do a good job, it usually begins with someone contacting us with a problem to solve. The start of a creative conversation. No matter how small or large, how realistic or foolish, we take all requests seriously and look forward to hearing from you. We love building ideas together and sharing your dream with us is a great beginning.